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Waterbending is the hydrokinetic art of manipulating Water. Waterbenders can be strong enemies and friends. Waterbenders use waterbending as an offense and a defense. In the game, you don't need to be close to a water source to bend.

Waterbending Main Levels

Like the other bending abilities, you unlock more Waterbending moves as you level up. Waterbending can be defensive or offensive. There are many ways to level up, such as killing bandits and fire soldiers, hitting the dummies in the training centers(located at the Fire nation, Ba Sing Se, the The Southern Water Tribe, and the Southern Air Temple.), and defeating other players.

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A waterbender using Ice Prison

Starter   >>>  Water Whip (offensive move), Water Wall (defensive move)

Level 5  >>>  Double Wave (offensive move)

Level 10  >>>  Water Knife (offensive move)

Level 15  >>>  Water Ball (offensive move)

Level 20  >>>  Water Wave (defensive/offensive move)

Level 25  >>>  Water Bubble (passive move)

Level 30  >>>  Ice Bridge (offensive/passive move)

Level 35  >>>  Ice Prison (offensive move)

Level 40  >>>  Water Drill (offensive move)

Level 45  >>>  Ice Bomb (defensive/offensive move) depends how you use it

Level 50  >>> Sub Element: Plant or Blood

Plantbending (sub element)

Plantbending is one of the sub elements of water. It is the art of manipulating the water inside of a plant. It was devised by the Swampbenders. Its moves are quite varied in their effects. The character Hue uses Plantbending.                                  

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A waterbender using Vinegrab

Level 50  >>>  Vine Grab (offensive move)

Level 55  >>>  Root Attack (offensive/passive move)

Level 60  >>>  Health Absorb (defensive move)

Level 65  >>>  Toxic Gas (defensive move)

Level 70  >>>  Leaf Storm (offensive move)

Level 75  >>>  Plant Armor (defensive move)

Bloodbending (sub element)

Bloodbending is one of the sub elements of water. It works by bending water inside another person's body, and is considered a dark art by most people. It's moves are close range, but their effects can be devasating to their targets. Characters like Katara (book 3), and Hama can use Bloodbending.

Body Lift

A waterbender using Body Lift

Level 50  >>>  Trip (offensive move) 

Level 55  >>>  Disorder (offensive move)

level 60  >>>  Bloodbending (offensive move)                                               

Level 65  >>>  Bloodlose (offensive move)

Level 70  >>>  Neck Twist (offensive move) 

Level 75  >>>  Body Lift (offensive move)      


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Waterbender Healing.

Not everyone has the chance to heal others. Katara (Book 1, Book 2, or Book 3) has this ability to heal. Although you can't heal yourself with this move, it is still helpful to heal your friends. Water Council Members and the Water Chief also have their own sets that can heal others, and heal themselves.


An alternate form of waterbending is Swampbending, used by the Swampbenders. It manipulates swamp water. Swampbenders do not gain power with level, instead they start with Water Wave, Water Whip, Water Wall, and Water Shield.


  • The creator of this game is still continuing to make the game better, and make the moves better.