Toph is a friend of Aang and a part of Team Avatar. She is an earthbender from Earth Kingdom and she spawns in the Ba Sing Se.

Known Moves

Toph is a level 25 earthbending character and you will be given a series of tools. Known attacks for Toph are:

1st Tool= Earth Travel

2nd Tool=  Earth Pillar

3rd Tool= Earth Wall

4th Tool= Seismic Sense 2

Toph Book 3

Toph has a different moveset when you choose her from book 3 and spawns in the Fire Nation Capital. With a required level of 50, Toph is now more powerful. Her known moves are:

1st Tool= Metal Fist

2nd Tool= Earth Block (improved)

3rd Tool= Big Pillar (improved)

4th Tool= Seismic Sense 2


  • Toph was one of the first four characters to be added in the game. The others are Katara , Zuko , and Aang .