tips for non bender fights and RPs

Non Bender fights

as a non bender staying away from powerful benders is priority number 1 if you get caught by say scorch ball so the best situation a nonbender can be in is a fight with low level benders or another non bender. May is a good class to attack benders due to having powerful long range knockback attacks while chi blockers and ti lee is a good close range fighter being agile and easy to dodge attacks with.

Non Benders RP

If you want to use a bender as a non bender you need alot of gold for weapons as you wont be using a bending move. for the  water tribe its really easy as if you are a powerful bender (scorch ball prefrebale here) you can easily take some fire soldiers (northwest of the village) down for a bit of gold. however beware ifyou die with your weapon it will be lost and you need to buy another. once you have enough gold for a weapon (1000) go east of the village to a training camp and buy a weapon. now you have a weapon you can attack the soldiers with say - a sword (be carful if u die they will lose your weapon