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Spirit Island, home of the Beaver.

Only a little known about the Spirit Island. The only sure is that the island is the home of the Beaver. The island itself is said to be a gateway between the Spirit World and the World of Avatar. Around the island you will see strange statues and on top the a glowing shrine. Only a few players can enter it and leave to the spirit world, those are called elemental leaders. These players are the head of each nation and element but they are responsible for many things. There is not knowledge about whether or not the Spirit World is accessible through this point. Many players have gone to the Spirit World through an island found near the Southern Water Tribe (found in the Water Tribes). The requirement was level 125, but, as announced by a scrolling informational bar, "The Spirit World has been closed until further notice." (at the top in-game)  


  • Each statue resembles a different bending art, pointing to the location of it's origin.