Pakku looking smug

Master Pakku

Pakku was the first Waterbending master of Aang. He is also a high ranked member of the White Lotus. Master Pakku used to spawn at the Northern Water Tribe, but right after he married Katara's grandma, he now spawns at the Southern Water Tribe.

Known Moves

Pakku is a waterbender character and you will need to use the old fighting system by pressing the J, K, L or N buttons to attack or waterbend.

Master Pakku

Known attacks for Master Pakku are:

Water Whip

Improved Ice Bridge

Water Wave

Water Slide

White Lotus Pakku

Known attacks for White Lotus Pakku are:

Water Whip

Bigger Ice Bridge

Ice Wall

Water Slide


  • Pakku is one of the three White Lotus members in the game. The others are Iroh and King Bumi.
  • The only difference between Master Pakku and White Lotus Pakku is that the Water Wave (a strong attack) was replaced by the Ice Wall (a defensive attack)