KokuUchiha (previously named AvatarKoku) was the leader of the Earth Kingdom for quite some time. As Earth King, Koku was able to promote players to Earth Master, or even give them a place in the Earth Council, if there is room. He was also gifted with a custom move set by the games's maker, ThatDanceBoy, though now an Earth Master. However, his moves are very difficult to catch sight of. Still, Koku seems to have been rumored to have moves that include these:

  • an Earth version of Wind Rush, where the user (Koku) proples himself forward in a boulde
  • obsidian Rockslide
  • obsidian Earth Sandwich
  • Seismic Sense(s)

    KokuUchiha as AvatarKoku.

  • Metal
  • a special move that creates an obsidian tower-like thing, which does not dissapate until the server restarts


Recently, Koku's leadership has been replaced by another. Polls now dictate the leaders of each element.