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Katara is the sister of Sokka. Her best friends are Aang, Toph, Momo, Appa and Zuko. She spawns in the Southern Watertribe and is known for her healing skills and waterbending. She is a great waterbender and has been taught by Master Pakku to master water bending. She was also taught a forbidden bending by Hama, bloodbending.

Katara's Waterbending Moves (book 1-3)

Katara book 1

Katara (book 1) spawns in the Southern Water tribe, (book 1) katara is the weakest katara, she still havent mastered waterbending in book 1. You can unlock her at level 15.

Water Ball

Ice bridge

Water Whip

Healing Waters

Katara book 2

Katara (book 2) spawns in Ba Sing Se (earth kingdom) becuase Katara went on a journey with Aang and his brother Sokka in Ba Sing Se to find Aang's earth master.

Water Disc

Water Wave

Water Whip

Healing Water

Katara book 3

Katara (book 3) became spawns in the in the fire nation, Katara (book 3) became stronger since she was taught how to bloodbend by Hama.

Water Bubble

Ice Needles


Healing Water

Water Wave


  • Katara was one of the first four characters to be added in the game. The others are Zuko, Toph, and Aang.
  • Katara was an excellent healer and despite her selfhealing abilities in the show she can only use Healing Water to others.