Sinister Hama


Hama was a waterbending master from the Southern Water Tribe . She was captured and imprisoned by the Fire Nation during the Southern Water Tribe raids, but she eventually escaped through the use of bloodbending, a waterbending technique she developed while incarcerated. She spawns in the Fire Nation Capital.

Known Moves

Hama is a waterbender character and you will need to use the old fighting system by pressing the J, K, L or N buttons to attack or waterbend. Known attacks for Hama are:

J= Big Double Whip

K= Ice Nails

L= Water Ball

N= Bloodbending


  • Hama was the first waterbender with her spawn outside of the Southern Water Tribe (back then there was only the South Pole). Now the other is Pakku who spawns in the Northern Water Tribe.
  • Hama was also the first character to use bloodbending. Her bloodbending is the same as the Waterbending sub lvl 45 bloodbending but with a bigger range. 
  • There is a bug that if someone kills Hama while she is bloodbending someone both will die. This sometimes happens when Hama tries to spam attack while already bloodbending someone and both die.