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Current Fire Nation Capital

The Fire Nation is one of the world's four nations and five sovereign states. It is an absolute monarchy led by the Fire Lord.

Home to the firebenders, The Fire Nation Capital is in-game. It is surrounded by mountains and the most common ways to get inside is either by a warballoon, a flying bison or with a boat. It consists of the Harbour, the Village, the Fire Nation Factory and the Royal Palace. Fire Nation is also the spawn location for the Fire Benders, Fire Nation citizens, Non-Benders/ Chiblockers, a powerful waterbender Hama, Toph, Katara, and Aang (Kuzon). Be careful though as many people try to attack or take over the Fire Nation capital as it is home to powerful soldiers and brutal attacks.

The Harbour


Fire Nation Small boats.

The Fire Nation harbour is the main entrance to the Fire Nation and the place where you can take one of the boats or airballoons from the Fire Nation. Its design resembles the original from the series.It's also a good place for defending before enemies get inside!

The Fire Nation Factory

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Fire Nation Factory.

The Fire Nation factory is located on the east of the Royal Palace. It's where firebenders melt metal to create their ships and armor. There is always smoke coming out of it. It's big and grey with a fire nation insignia on both sides you can see. There are many big tubes.

The Royal Palace

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Fire Nation Royal palace.

The Royal Palace is the place where the Fire Lord and his advisors take meetings. It is protected by a big wall, a road is leading inside where in both sides of the road are little ponds and parks.

The Village

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FIre Nation Houses and Fountain.

On the North of the Royal Palace there is a village with 12 houses and 2 fountains. It is seperated in 2 parts each on has a set of some houses like a neighbourhood with a fountain in the middle. The two parts, the harbour and the royal palace are connected by a crossroad with a Fire Nation Insignia.

                                                  The Medic   

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Fire Nation Medic House With MeiLee inside.

Fire Nation has a Medic House. MeiLee will be waiting for injured players and she will either give them healing potions or heal them.

The Ember Island

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The Ember island

The Ember Island is located on the west of the Fire Nation and it's the only island of the said Nation. There you can find the Ember Island theatre, the village, a volcano, and the Fire Lord's Mansion. And a store with some items