Azula's Lightning

Azula's Lightning

Fire bending

Fire bending demonstration by JellyOnToast

Hey guys, its JellyOnToast. Although I am a low ranked fire bender, I am experienced in this matter and am here to help you!

Fire Bending and Lightening Bending

Fire bending is a very dangerous element, fire is represented as an unstoppable force of destruction on various occasions. I personally think that this is a stereotypical belief. In the game, fire bending is a weaker element but highly overused. It uses fast rapid attacks to take down their foes.

In various scenes of the series, fire is shown to be highly powerful and destructive compared to others. The film also shows this being strong, such as when the group go to free the earth kingdom village. They are strong in the ways of fire bending, so it looks like it was a set up.

Lightening Bending

Lightening bending, a sub element of fire bending. Lightening bending is the more deadly of the two, striking fear and damage into the opponent causing them to think twice about attacking you. In the game as of the 3rd of February 2014, Sub elements have been removed. To use lightening bending, you have to play as an official character from the series such as Azula. She has a limited move set but is still very strong.

How to earn gold and gain experience fast!

To get experience firstly, the iron dummies are the in the courtyard near the fire nation medical soldier. If you go to them, you gain one exp per hit which can rapidly add up. Especially if you use fire jab and fire ball, both very fast paced and aggressive moves. To gain gold, in the desert there are sand bandits. They drop 15 gold and a little bit of exp but are fairly hard to kill as fire nation. They are fast, strong and easily provoked NPC's, which will rip you to shreds.