Earthbending is the geokinetic ability to manipulate earth and rock in all their various forms. Earthbenders are strong, persistent, and enduring. They use powerful direct attacks and strong shields. Earthbending's sub elements are Metalbending and Seismic Sense.

Earthbending Main Levels

Like all the other bending arts, you unlock more Earthbending moves as you level up. Earthbending has a good mix of offensive and defensive moves. There are many ways to level up, such as killing bandits and fire soldiers, hitting the dummies in the training centers(located at the Fire nation, Ba Sing Se, the The Southern Water Tribe, and the Southern Air Temple.), and defeating other players.

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Earthbender EarthCrushing.

Starter   >>>  Earth BlockEarth Wall

Level 5   >>> RockToss

Level 10  >>>  EarthKick

Level 15  >>>  EarthRise

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Level 35 Earthquake.

Level 20  >>>  BoulderToss
  Level 25  >>>  EarthCrush
 Level 30  >>>   EarthShield
 Level 35  >>>   EarthSandwich
 Level 40  >>>  Rockslide
 Level 45  >>>  Earthquake
 Level 50  >>> Sub Element: Metal or Seismic Sense


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Metalbending is the first sub element of earthbending. It's a helpful element because the first attack you unlock is  the "MetalCage". It traps your opponents giving you time to prepare a massive attack or to run away if you have low health.

Level 50  >>>  Caltrops

Level 55  >>>  DoubleWindmill

Level 60  >>>  MetalDevour

Level 65  >>>  MetalCage

Level 70  >>>  MetalCannon

Level 75  >>>  MetalShards

Seismic Sense

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Multiple Seismic Senses.

Seismic Sense is another helpful element that will become your best friend. The attacks you get from Seismic Sense are all trap like attacks that will deal massive damage. Using Seismic Sense a ring appears around you which will trap and damage the first player to touch it.

Level 50  >>>  Seimic Sense lvl 1

Level 55  >>>  Seismic Sense lvl 2

Level 60  >>>  Seismic Sense lvl 3

Level 65  >>>  Seismic Sense lvl 4

Level 70  >>>  Seismic Sense lvl 5

Level 75  >>>  Seismic Sense lvl 6

Famous Earthbenders

The earthbenders include: