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A vast range of fauna inhabit the World of Avatar  most of the animals presented are notably chimeras or crossbreeds of two real world animals. But ingame there are not so many as in the World of Avatar. The only animals from the World of Avater are the Flying Bison and the Beaver. Unbeknownst to many, there are two odd creatures that inhabit the Strange Island (located near the Southern Water Tribe). One, believed to be a Gyrados from Pokemon, is a one-seated creature that essentially works as a Water Tribe Boat. The other, a unique two-seated flying creature spawns in the island's rear when a button is clicked and is thought to be an Altaria (Also from Pokemon). (pictures coming soon)

Flying Bison

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A Flying Bison.

The Flying Bison is a flying animal and the first flying method to be introduced ingame. A flying bison can carry 5 people(4 friends and the driver). It will fly really high in the sky on a good speed. Although traveling by gliding is easy, if you order your Flying Bison to go up it will do it slowly. In order to ride a Flying Bison you need to spawn one. Flying Bison's spawn button and living place is the Air


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The Beaver is a small rideable swimming animal which means you can ride one. It's small and cute shape make it the fastest way of traveling going arround with 120 speed. Its spawn point is the Spirit Island but there was no sign of it before. Noone knows how this animal appeared on the Spirit Island . Some people say it was a gift for the people, some others say it was to help those who get out of the Spirit World.