Combustion Man

Combustion Man

Combustion Man

The Combustion Man is an assassin of the Fire Nation. He is a firebender prodigy and the creator of the unique firebending ability which allowed him to project and detonate large explosions at will from his third eye tattoo. He spawns in the Fire Nation Capital.

Known Moves

Combustion Man is a firebender character and will spawn in the Fire Nation. Known attacks for Combustion Man are:
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Combustion Man.

1st Tool= Green Tea

2nd Tool=  Combustion Mine

3rd Tool= Rapid Combustion

4th Tool= Strong Combustion

5th Tool= Weak Combustion

6th Tool= Knockback


  • Combustion Man is the only who can use combustion. Despite that Combustion was a sub skill in Firebending along with Lightning Generation.
  • Combustion Man's Explosion was an 1-hit kill but it also killed the user. Eventually it was removed from the game.