King Bumi

King Bumi

Bumi is the king of Omashu and a high ranked member of the White Lotus. He is an earthbender master from the Earth Kingdom and he spawns in Omashu.

Known Moves

Bumi is an earthbender that spawns in Omashu , part of the Earth Kingdom . Bumi as a member of the White Lotus has a slightly different moveset from the ordinary Bumi. Known attacks for Bumi are:

RobloxScreenShot04292014 153855971

King Bumi.

King Bumi (level 30)

Earth Block*

Earth Crush*

Earth Travel

Triple Pillars

RobloxScreenShot04292014 154425393

King Bumi (White Lotus)

White Lotus Bumi (level 45)

Earth Block

Boulder Toss

Earth Travel

Triple Pillars


  • Originally, both King Bumi and White Lotus Bumi spawned in Ba Sing Se. The reason is that there was no Omashu in the game.