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The "Avatar" button.

The Avatar is a special bender that is the master of all four elements. There are three Avatars that are characters in the game: Kyoshi , Roku, and Aang. A player can now become their own avatar, and choose attacks from all four elements as they level up, excluding sub elements, and only reaching up to level 50 moves. These players start with the tools for one of the four elements, which, when chosen, determine their spawn. Although player Avatars cannot yet use sub elements, it is still a neat experience to have, along with the fact that avatar attacks are bigger and stronger than normal attacks. However, the Avatar button can only be accessed through the purchase of a special game pass, the Avatar VIP Pass. At its' creation, it sold for 50 R$ or 2000 tx, though the price is now at 70 R$, and possibly on the rise.