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Aang Airbending.

Airbending is the art of manipulating and controlling air currents. Airbenders have some strong attacks, such as "Air Swipe", and passive skills like "Cloudsurfing". Airbenders are also able to use a glider for their transportation. Airbending sub elements are "Soundbending" and "Cloud/Gasbending"

Airbending Main Levels

Like all the other bending arts, the higher level the Air Bender is, the more airbending moves they can use.The airbending sub elements are "Soundbending" and "Cloudbending".

Starter   >>>  Air Bullet , Air Shield

Level 5  >>>  Air Blast

Level 10  >>>  Air Swipe

Level 15  >>>  Twister

Level 20  >>>  AirPush

Level 25  >>>  TornadoTrap

Level 30  >>>  AirBall

Level 35  >>>  AirSphere

Level 40 >>>  TornadoStorm

Level 45  >>> WindRush

Level 50  >>>  Sub Elements


  Soundbending is the one of the sub elements of airbending. It is generally an offensive element because players using this sub element rely on all-in assaults to win fights, creating tremendous pressure on his/her foe. Attacks from this sub element ignore part collision and deal massive area-of-effect damage. Crowd control is limited to a single move; "Confusion" reverses player movement for a long period of time. Initiating fights is also a problem because all soundbending moves don't move or anchor the player itself. Sound benders thrive in drawn-out battles because of their ease of use and large arsenal of offensive moves, this makes dodging start-up combo moves like "Wind rush" or "Air Swipe" key to victory in your favor

Level 50  >>>  Soundwave

Level 55  >>>  Confusion

Level 65  >>>  EchoSensing

Level 70  >>>  SoundExplosion

Level 75  >>>  SonicBlast


RobloxScreenShot06142013 103112587

CloudSurfing in use.

Cloudbending or GasBending is a passive sub element at first which turns to be a super offensive later. With  Cloudbending players bend the clouds arround them to make them solid and  become able to fly on high speed on them. This is the only method of flying other than riding on Air Bisons or Air Gliders. When you master the "Cloudsurfing" you will get an OP (over powered) attack which drops a small cloud that pulls all surrounding enemies into it, damaging them and immobilizing them for a short time.

Level 50  >>>  CloudBomb

Level 55  >>>  CloudWave

Level 60  >>>  CloudSurfing

Level 65  >>>  CloudBombs

Level 70  >>> CloudPull

Level 75  >>> HallucinationGas

Air Glider

RobloxScreenShot06142013 095410618

Air Glider in use.

All Airbenders start with an Air Glider which they can use to fly long or short distances. The glider can be used by clicking it on air. If you touch a block even if you can pass through it the Air Glider will be put away, and the user will fall. There is also a glitch that kills players if they attempt to use the Air Glider while falling through the air. This glitch messes up the user's camera, and can only be fixed by joining a different server. Resetting will not help.