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The Air Temple as seen from the front.

The Air Nomads are all airbenders, they live on the air temples. The Air Temple is the home and spawn for all the airbenders.It's on the top of a mountain and the only place you can find some flying bisons. You can either get there with a boat or a flying bison. The only kind of boat you can find there is a small one.

There are two air temples in game

Flying Bison

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A Flying Bison.

The flying bison is the first flying form of transportation to be introduced in the game. The second is the Fire Nation's War Balloon. Both Flying Bison and the War Ballon are the only ways you can travel in the sky. It can carry 5 people(4 friends and the driver). It can fly really high in the sky on a good speed. When you order your Flying Bison to go up it will do it slowly. In order to ride a Flying Bison you need to spawn one. To do that you need to click a button at the first big clearing like you would do with all the other vehicles.     

Special Buildings

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Air Temple Building.

Although there is no medic house at the air temple, there is a nice little structure with a statue of monk Gyatso. It was at first the only spawn point airbenders had. There is also a training grounds and a shop.